Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The yoga of knitting....

Man, my WIP are dragging along. Geez. I wish I was a speed knitter--but then, that would ruin the whole idea of hand-knitting. The time involved, the care and attention put into the working of the stitches....It would just become another industrial machine knit if I could do it as fast as I sometimes wish! I think our culture is to blame for the 'faster, better, more' mentality. I want to slow down, be in the present. So knitting can be my yoga and meditation, my peaceful time, my time for myself. Ahhh.

Okay, I feel better now, after the self pep-talk! Sometimes I just have to remind myself what it's all about.....:)

I made it through another of my boss' vacations. When he is gone, sometimes I get so harried that I feel I will have a nervous breakdown by the time he returns. But this time, not so bad, whew!

This weekend is the Midwest Fiber Fair, within driving distance of me! Woo-hoo! I can hardly wait. Never been to something like that....Must learn to spin, must learn to spin!

So anyway, my WIP are slowly grinding along. I'm so done with a couple of them, but I promised stash-along that I'd meet those goals, so I'm not putting them away until I'm done. (Really want to start working on something else, though!)

I think it's time for knitting a
HK toy for my own, from this pattern that I knit once before. That's just what I need right now, a cutesy project for me that can be finished quickly!

(What happened to the yoga thoughts on being present, enjoying the time, and not hurrying? It's gone out the window already! Sigh)


KimT said...

knitting definately keeps me at peace. Its funny, I totally love it when my boss is gone. I am more harried when he is around!

lobstah said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I wanted to answer your question about the size of the rose--it is about 2" in diameter not including the leaves. So, pretty small!
I love those amazing pink lacy curtains you are working on! They are breathtaking!

Opal said...

that HK toy is sooo cute! what a find.

i know what you mean about knitting being your yoga. i love to knit when i'm stressed. it's the perfect remedy.

Aim said...

Thanks guys! I love to knit--it is what got me through the long dreary dull cold gray (I could go on and on) winter we had last year. I was very bummed not to see the sun for so long--knitting comforted me so much :)

Amy said...

knitting, yoga, reading, writing...this is the perfect world. knitting has been my relief from a difficult year of change, and I just started yoga. together you feel so content and light. i'd definitely suggest it.
as for hurrying: the worst bit is christmas time! you can't appreciate the tens of thousands of presents to knit. bleh.