Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blue, blue, blue

I love the color blue. It's creeping into my life and my stash, into my wardrobe and jewelry and home.

Blue measuring cups from Nigella Lawson (Anthropologie):

My blue bedroom:

My Blue Beauty sweater-in-progress, popping out of my Vera Bradley knit bag:

My blue door:

Yarntini yarns Vintage colorway:

Beautiful blue earrings my daughter made for me:

My ripple of many colors with much blue-ness going on in the background:

I also love the blue of a passing storm in the sky:

Blue's such a soothing color. For me, aqua blue is part of my fantasy of living in a warmer clime with ocean surrounding me....sigh. Hey, I've heard they hire PAs in the US Virgin Islands.....:) But I have my heart set on the Pacific.

But how is it that "blue," the word that imparts such beauty and serenity, can also mean sadness? That definition is also creeping into my life, as it looks like our dog Jellybean may be slowly losing function, and we may soon have to tell her goodbye....She is getting weaker, and last night was completely unable to get up to go outside before bed. Has however, gone out this morning after not moving for 10 hours! We've had to help her to standing, since our floors are laminate and kinda slippery, ever since her seizure/stroke. :(


Acornbud said...

I love blue, too. I'm partial to indigo and the color of jeans.

Aim said...

Oooh, that too! :)