Saturday, February 20, 2010

February's Almost Over, Wahoo!!!

Sorry. I couldn't help it. February is my least fav month, the winter just drags on and it seems like forever til spring! Here, it has been less sunny than usual, making it all the more disgusting. I hate it when the sky and the ground are the same color. Drab! I probably wouldn't survive with a ShabbyChic decor, all faded and white.

Which is likely why I go hogwild all winter for bright amazing colors.

This is a WIP, using up my acrylic yarn leftover from Flowers In The Grass. I'm following this pattern.

And my latest FO is this shawl I made from one skein of sockyarn called "Crazy Zauerball". I love the colors in this!

I wore it to work yesterday after steam blocking it with my iron. It's not big enough to tie on, so I pinned it with my abalone Yellowstone Buffalo pin.

It was just enough warmth on my shoulders at work.

Here is my next color project: a lovely crocheted version of the Lizard Ridge Pattern... Isn't that just gorgeous?! I'm thinking to use some of my sockyarn stash...

Well, to be honest, it hasn't been completely boring around here this February. Last week we had an earthquake!!! It registered 3.8; it was 4 AM and I was surfing on Ravelry! When the low-pitched rumbling started, at first I thought DS fell out of bed! But since it just kept going and the walls and floor were shaking, and the mirrors rattling, my brain finally figured it out:

"Did DS fall out of bed?"
-Well, no, unless he's still falling!
"It sounds like an ice-flow sliding off the roof" (like we had a few weeks ago)
-But it's still going
"It almost feels like the rumbling of a big truck going by"
-But it's still going!
"Maybe some building exploded in the distance?"
-It's still going!!
***lightbulb went on***
"Oh my God, it's an earthquake!"

Since I was online at the time, and I'm a geek, I googled earthquake and came up with the US Geological Survey website where the first thing I saw was a button to "report an incident."

Which I did. The quake had just finished! We live in an amazing age of rapid information, where you can report a natural 'disaster' to the world within seconds of its occurrence! Luckily, nothing in our area was damaged and no one was hurt.

Those of you who live in earthquake zones are probably laughing at me right now. But, I'm born and raised here in the Great Lakes and never felt an earthquake! That was nothing short of amazing, exciting, and scary! You don't think of this place as an earthquake zone, but we live right smack on the New Madrid Fault Line,so I guess we get them all the time.

The amateur geologist in me instantly became fascinated and I have been following links around the web to learn more about how earthquakes are recorded, etc. The focus of our earthquake was pinpointed to 9 miles away! Whoa!

The funniest thing of all is that my puppy slept through the whole thing. He who is terrified of fireworks and thunderstormes...It wasn't until DH, DS and I were milling around excitedly discussing earthquakes that Fizzy wandered into our midst wagging and smiling like, 'Hey guys, what are YOU doing up this early?' Ha ha haaaaaa. What a watchdog!!!