Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Amateur Biologist Speaks


I cannot believe that mass animal deaths in huge quantities are "common", as the officials quoted in these articles are stating (follow some of the linked articles within). What kind of dummies do we look like? And what happens if the human species begins to have an unexplained "mass die-off"? Will we say that too is 'not uncommon'?

I postulate this dying-trend may be related to the manipulation of the food-chain's genome. Genetically modified grains/vegetables/fruits that are being foisted upon the world by large corporations are bound to have some repercussions; whether it be vitamin deficiencies, or alterations of the very DNA of the higher organisms that eat them--You Are What You Eat. There have been documented cases of genetic plant modifications 'jumping species' and spreading like crazy into nearby wild species once they are released into our environment, threatening many species of insects. Will that not eventually affect organisms higher on the food chain?

Maybe something basic like cell-senescence is being changed in these species' DNA. We don't know everything--that is science's great pitfall. We know a little so we think we know it all. So let's play with the genome some more, and maybe we can open Pandora's Box.

Some may say that because of the age of information we inhabit, it only seems like a lot of mass animal death is happening, that we just didn't know it was happening before; it wasn't as readily compiled. Really? Millions of fish dying?! All at once, in a big swarm, and only within one species. In isolated random-seeming locations throughout the world, these massive death counts have been seen frequently in the last decade. Has this been documented so pervasively, in such numbers in the past? Call me a doubter, if you will.

Evolutionists may point to survival of the fittest as the cause. Then why only one flock of red-wing blackbirds, not the whole species, or multiple flocks within the same species throughout the land? Herd-kill seems too frequent lately, yet none of the investigators can find a cause based on known science! No viruses, no bacteria, no parasites or diseases, no toxins or signs of poisoning! Huh?! Were the fish and crabs scared to death by fireworks too? I wonder if any research is being conducted into the very genetics of the decimated flocks of birds or schools of fish?

Other expert theories mention cold-water stress on the fish/crabs as cause of death. What happened to the theory of global warming? Why would there be cold-water stress if the planet is actually becoming warmer? Which theory should we latch onto? (Which basically should serve to remind us, they are only theories.) And what about the dying coral in the world's oceans--another sign of 'cold-water stress' vs global warming?


On the heels of that discourse, let's get back to our own gardens, our own yards, our own lifestyles that may be participating in the demise of our environment. Being attentive to our own actions, being purposeful in our lives can make a strong impact. We as Christians are called to be good stewards--this means all God has given us, not just $$$. I am planning a garden this year, and will be starting heirloom vegetable seeds soon to transplant when the time comes.

I found great instructions for how to make transplantable pots out of newspapers! I will definitely be making some of these, likely this week, in preparation for the seed-starting I have planned. How cheap, earth-friendly, and virtuous in a recycling sort of way! Let's go plant!

Here's my garden list for 2011 (ambitious, we'll see how much actually gets done):

Tomatoes: Hillbilly Potato Leaf, Long Tom, Black Sea Man, Rose, Ukranian Purple
Flowers:Empress of India Nasturtium, California Poppies, Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory, Painted Lady Sweet Peas, America Sweet Peas, Curiosity Nigella, Night-Scented Stock, Amado Coneflower
Herbs: Grandma Einck's Dill
Vegetables: Snack Face Pumpkins, Moon & Stars Watermelon, Red Peter Peppers, True Lemon Heirloom Cuke, Beer Friend Soybeans, Fingerling Potatoes

I have never planted more than peppers or tomatoes before, so I am really going to be jumping in with both feet!

To end this post: an amazing twig artwork display,

of branch-woven sculpture!

Addendum to post: Or, maybe the birds and fish dropped dead of something similar to the giant CO2 bubble that arose from a lake bed in Africa, and, because of its density, hugged the low ground, asphyxiating every mammal in its path! Maybe there is a correspondence in mass animal deaths along fault lines? Or, some other noxious fumes? Hmmm. You'd have to think they'd be researching things like: did the fish asphyxiate?

Obviously this is a puzzle I can't wait to see the answer to--hope I'm still alive when they figure it out, could be a long, long time!