Saturday, July 7, 2007

Puppy troubles....

Knitting night was great! Except when I got home around 10 pm.....and saw my older puppy laying on the floor in puddles of saliva, unable to get up. She was wagging, and looking at me, and trying to get up, but she couldn't. We took her to the emergency vet, and it looks like she had a seizure. They don't know yet if it's b/c of a tumor, or a stroke, but it is something in her brain because she is still paralyzed on her right side. We have to take her to a different facility for brain imaging.

I think she's between 8 and 10 years old, I can't even remember when we got her. She has had both knees operated on in her youth, and has really bad arthritis, but she's still such a sweetie pie. This is hard to deal with.

Life at 45 YO is not what I imagined it would be--is this when everybody else starts having so much to deal with? Am I just spoiled that I've had minimal tragedies sprinkled throughout my life, and am getting whalloped with all of them this year? Everyone around me is getting ill it seems. (I'm sure at least part of it is hormones changing my outlook!)

Well, I did double the length of my Sharfik scarf--I'll post a pic later :|

Update: Jellybean may come home later today. She recovered 98% of her function overnight, so is doing rather well. She is on anti-seizure medication now.

Here's an updated pic of my Sharfik:

Modeled by my friend, who wedges himself onto the sofa between blanket and my knitting bag!


MAIZEE said...

Hi! I just recently found the world of blogging and am really enjoying seeing what everyone is doing. Yours is one that I've been checking in on.

I just read about your doggie and I'm happy that things turned out well for you and her. We've had both dogs and cats over the years so have been through both the bad and good when one is sick.
And for whatever the reason because I've been the mom everyone looks to me to care for the animals. And it's something I've always wanted to do. I've had the bad(cancer, leukemia, diabetes, and more) and the good(delivered 3 litters of sweet little puppies) All through the years I've been able to love and be loved by some really great animals.

I lost my best friend "Brown" a little over a year ago. I still get sad once in a while but I had her for 10 years so we had a good life togeather. When I was at the vets with my cat recently, there was a really neat piece of writing hanging on the wall and I copied it down. I decided it was something I'd like to share so I posted it on my blog--Fabric and Yarn Stasher. Being a dog lover I'm sure you'd like it. If you get a chance look me up.

Opal said...

Best wishes for Jellybean. I know how hard it can be to have a beloved pet ill. *hugs*

Aim said...

Thank you both for the good's been tough :O|