Friday, July 13, 2007

Birdies have flown from the nest....

All gone robins....Good thing I got one picture of them! My DH saw that photo and wanted to get out there with his camera the next evening, but instead was exhausted after work, and fell asleep sitting up on the sofa! By the time he was ready to do things, it was dark. And yesterday................they were gone :)

So it's back to puppies, and kids and rodents (bunnies) in the yard, and my garden! And knits. I was trying to knit last night with a carpal tunnel splint on my wrist--that takes a bit of getting used to, for me. I knit Continental style, really maintain my gauge with my 3rd-5th fingers on my left hand. It was tough with that splint on.

Hopefully I won't need to do that any more. Tonight is knitting night, and I really only bought the splint for night-time use, as I sleep with wrists bent! So no more knitting with a splint. :)

Am seriously entertaining the thought of starting the Larger Than Life tote bag from Interweave Crochet Spring Issue 2007.

I found the
LTL CAL blog, and have been seeing so many beautiful examples of this bag on the internet....Was thinking of using Lamb's Pride Cotton Wool, because of the gorgeous colors it comes in. And I'm sure I have a gorgeous lining fabric I could use. Hmmmm.

I also really want to make one of these:

The Spiderweb Cardigan from the same issue of the magazine. That looks like it would take maybe a week to make, and how pretty it is! I've seen a slightly longer version that I'd probably make myself, since I'm long-waisted. See the pretty one that Patrice made. Really making me want one, looks simple and fast--I learned to crochet at about 8 or 9 years of age, and can recognize an easy pattern when I see it!

I saw another version, where the woman made each panel in a different color, so it is large wide pastel stripes--very pretty!
And, crochet is easy on my left hand!!! May be the interim project my ganglion cyst needs :)

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Opal said...

I really want to make the Spiderweb Cardigan too. I just need to get the gumption to try a crocheted garment!