Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yay, one down!

One Xmas gift down, another one 2/3 done! Yay. Just finished the SIL scarf tonight, and have a crappy photo to show for it (very dim lighting):

So I achieved something....:) Now to finish Sharfik, that's my goal this weekend.

Ooooh, look at this beautiful shawl/shrug/thingie! It takes the same concept as Convertible from Knitty a bit farther, with fun bobble-buttons. I really think this is gorgeous!

Wanting to find another Barbara Walker book from the library this weekend...I must start another scarf soon, am thinking something like the kureopatora snake scarf with my Nashua tweed stripes yarn. Think it would make another SIL a good gift....

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