Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sharfik specs

Pattern: Sharfik

Source: Grumperina's website

Yarn: Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK

Needles: US7

Work remaining: 66-75% more to go.... >:

Mods: I added 6 rows of garter stitch edging at beginning and end of pattern, as I am not a big fan of fringe. Original pattern called for worsted weight yarn, but I used DK weight with the same size needles. Her pattern finishes at width of 6", but mine is shaping up to be 6.5"! Hmmmm, what does that say about my gauge!!?

It took one ball of yarn to make 16 inches in length. So I figure 2-3 more balls of yarn to make 48-64" long--don't know what's a good length for a scarf, but will make that decision as I get there.

This is a fun knit and I'm enjoying it, each pattern repeat pulls me forward to the next, and I'm revelling in the fact that I'm making this beautiful item!!!

However....I fell. Hard. Off the bandwagon. I bought all this yarn just 3 days after posting goals on the stashalong (where you promise not to purchase more yarn until you meet your goals!) Sheesh.

I console myself with the thought that I did buy all this yarn to make gifts for my whole family for Christmas, as I'm having so much fun with Sharfik. I have 4 brothers to make for, a husband and one son, one daughter, 3 SILs and a MIL and FIL, plus my madre and 94 YO grampa. Sharfik is for my dad....

Anyway, when I saw all this yarn marked down 1/3 at my LYS, I didn't even think twice! I think I flunked out of the Stashalong :|

Really wanting to make this cute cabled bag in my new book:

And this shrug was another reason I purchased it.

That's the most perfect combo of shrug and sweater I've seen, very practical for work! Another WIST for me!


Amy said...

I have been looking for a bag like that. It's chic and amazing!

Opal said...

Sharfik is looking great! And that bag? Oh to die for.

Aim said...

Thanks!! I may make the bag next fall, if I can get the Xmas gifts closer to finishing!