Monday, July 9, 2007

Cables, in love with cables....

Here are instructions for an intricate Kelt cable inspired by an old manuscript. Add this to my swatch list for cables.....

Loving the cables. Grumperina gives a nice tutorial on cabling without a cable needle.

Here is a really cute sock pattern with tulip cables....if you can read German. There's a chart though which should simplify things. ***ETA--the pattern and chart for this is now a free Ravelry download in English*** She has some beautiful patterns....interesting cable-y entrelac socks

Here's another cable pattern from girlfromauntie: the double knot cable. Looks really nice.

These X's are interesting too. There are a huge assortment of charts for different cables on her site. Wow, you don't even need your own stitch dictionary!!!!

I would love to swatch the cables as a project. Just to do all of them, wow that would be so cool! Unfortunately I have a job, and other knitting goals to interfere with this idea. Oh well, maybe when I'm semi-retired....(yeh.)

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Opal said...

i just love cables too. seeing them form is like a fabulous magic trick.