Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Oooooh, yummy pesto. Last year I stumbled upon this great recipe for pesto. I had the mother of all Basil plants growing at that time, I could make as many Caprese salads as I wanted, and at the end of the summer, my basil plant was huge. It seemed a shame to let the inevitable frost ruin all the good taste that was hidden in those leaves, so I decided to make as much pesto as I could with my plant before the end of September.

Ten months later, I still have this many packets of yummy, homemade pesto:

No one else will eat it (as in so many of my non-hotdog/pizza/hamburger meals!), so I am still eating the great stuff all by my lonesome. Had some this weekend on my pasta, mmmmmmm, with oil and vinegar:

Great tossed into a cold pasta salad, or added to cooked vegies, added to soups etc. I'm glad I had made so much, as I did not plant a basil plant this year!! Thanks to turkey feathers for giving such great instructions and recipes! (BTW, I love her blog!)

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