Friday, July 27, 2007

Next scarf please

Swatching has begun for my next gift project....

can only show samples until gifted at Xmas, but here are the specs:

Pattern: Crazy Weave Scarf

Source: Inspired by a Barbara Walker pattern in "The Learn to Knit Afghan Book"

Yarn: Classic Elite Princess in color # 3485 'Milord's Madder', a worsted weight wool/angora/cashmere/nylon/viscose mix (!!!) Feels very very soft

Needles: US8

Work remaining: Most of it, heh

Mods: I first charted Barbara Walker's pattern, then changed it to suit both my required dimensions, and my need for simple stitches. I can't stand fussy "knit in the back loop" directions--I like to stick to simple knit and purl, and I wanted the majority of stitching to be knit stitches, not purls as her directions give. Just for ease and speed. So I rewrote it to suit my simple mind (!!)

So there you have it. A taste, an appetizer if you will. I will post the chart and instructions for this eventually....but there will not be a full-fledged photo until after Xmas. :)

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Opal said...

Love that red. It looks like a very promising start!