Friday, July 20, 2007

80 posts

Hey, yesterday was my 80th blog post! And this is the first time I feel like I may need to blog less often....lots of life going on around me, and I feel like I've said what I need to say (so far!) So I think I'll set a new goal of blogging 3-4 times a week, and if I can do more posts than that, great. (If not I won't feel I'm not sticking to my goal.) I have a lot of other things to do, and I have been rather the mad blogger :)

I know, I know, I'm one recipe behind! I promised a recipe every Sunday, but that's been a little tough some weeks. So I will revise that now as about a recipe at least monthly, more if I can do so. The thing is, I have not had much time to cook or bake; one of my real passions is food, but in reality there is only so much time to indulge my passions. I work full time, and will be studying to recertify again this year (happens every 6 yrs). So my board exam takes preference. Blogging will hopefully not slow down much more than I have planned!

Tonight is knit night. Not sure if I'm gonna go, because every time I do, it's another chunk-a-change ($$$$$) that I spend. Can't seem to help myself, the yarn is so beautiful, heh.

Tomorrow is the midwest fiber fair....hee hee heeeeee. Cannot wait to go to that.

Well, I'll leave y'all with a look at my (much neglected) garden:



Acornbud said...

I just caught up on your hello kitty and other skulls. Some great designs. Someone made me a hot pad once made out of fabric covered bottle caps. So much work involved. Good luck on the studying!

Aim said...

Thankee Acornbud! My head is swimming with everyone's great designs :)

Opal said...

3-4 posts a week is a good idea. There's no need to be a mad blogger! Enjoy yourself with it. :-)

Aim said...

Thanks Opal. I have a feeling I will tend to be a mad blogging fiend anyway--I'm just loving it so much!!! Some days though, I just have nothing to say :)