Monday, July 23, 2007

Ravelry wait

Wow, this is really cool (pattern here), and what a great idea to do a fair isle with this type variegated/striping yarn!!! Nifty. I've heard someone drooling over this yarn in the past, but forgot about it in all my yarn-induced madness.

I finally gave in and put my name in on Ravelry waiting list:

Get a load of my place # on the waiting list! I might as well just wait until it becomes open to the public!!! (Knew I shoulda put my name on the list a few weeks ago when I first heard of it, heh!)

This is a really pretty sweater that Annie knit up based on a pattern. She did a great job, makes me want one myself!

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hakucho said...

Oh, boy..I signed up June 22 and I am not in much of a better position than you. Guess we both missed the boat. Sure hope you are patient :)

happy knitting :)