Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dishcloths again

Oh, you must go visit Criminy Jickets for the next installment of dishcloth mania! There are links to some really different dishcloths--I like the star-shaped one in variegated yarn. Love that.

I also think it is very clever of him to adapt the Lizard Ridge pattern to a washcloth--how cool is that! I'm loving the creative license.....!

I am beginning to dislike dishcloth patterns that are not mostly garter stitch. Garter stitch creates a fabric that is so thick and luxurious, it's perfect for these small cloths.... I think it also has to do with what yarn you use, I am really hooked on Sugar 'n Cream cottons, they shrink up nicely, get softer with each wash, and are thick, thick, thick! (I must remind you, reader, that I don't use these as dishcloths, but as luxurious washcloths in the shower.) Sigh....

Here's what I did with my Ty-Dye washcloth I had started:


It is too flimsy of a cotton weight for me to like a washcloth out of it, so will gladly put it to a better use of some kind :) It's a little pricey for washcloths, anyway!!(But does make beautiful garments......what a silky drape.)

Oh, check out what Miss Happy Camper has been up to: a festive fish bag! This is really really cute. Want to, need to make one :)

I am hooked on small projects, so I am feeling the need to get another washcloth going :)


Vyvyan said...

I'm glad to hear your opinion on why Ty-Dy doesn't work for a cloth. I just finished my YinYang sweater in Ty-Dy and ended up with about 1 1/2 skeins of 2 colors. I now know what NOT to make with the leftovers. Plus I agree that its too expensive to use for that.

Thanks for the comps on the Fish bag! I have an improved chart that I'll be posting (for free) soon.

Opal said...

I love the Fish Bag! Thanks for linking it!