Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Skulls everywhere!

Updated 10/22/07:

Check out these pirate rainboots:

I need to get a pair of these for mucking around in the garden in wet weather--though I don't do as much of it anymore, I really need some mucking boots! Especially with skulls on them :)

I think I also need to knit a smashing double-knit tote to go with my rain boots! This is awesome!

Look at these pirate socks! Cute. And check out the Arrrgyles! Ha ha ha, I love that so much. And she has a really good post about how to knit an argyle sock--I never thought about it, but it is intarsia, would need to be knit flat and sewn up! Duh. (She also has a pattern for a cute felted pirate hat!)

Someone added a skull to the argyle sweater from Eunny, that is so clever I can hardly stand it! So much talent and creativity out there, wow!!!!

Here is a knit skull scarf--pretty and a nice free pattern!

Or how about this skull crochet motif--made up into a scarf!!!! (I did not make these scarves that are pictured):

And this is KnittingGeek's original design from the internet, that I had to show you:

You can see this beautiful creation here. From there, you can access her chart to make the skull and crossbones fair isle yourself! How very clever she is!

How about some skull lace?! Cool! There is a great chart for knitting an allover skull lace here. And look at this beauty (posted here):

She used a single row of the lace skulls to make this marvelous scarf! How gorgeous that is!

Definitely a composite of inspiring skull knits out there! Thanks to all the designers and crafters and knitters who keep us in fun funky patterns! :)

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the Hello Kitty! pictures are too cute.