Tuesday, July 3, 2007

puppy sedation

Yesterday I called the vet, asked if I could give my puppy something to sedate him during the fireworks tomorrow. They said that I can give him Benadryl, up to 1 mg/lb of body weight, up to three times daily. So I tried it last night--50 mg since he weighs 72 lbs and I didn't want to give him too much...

It seemed to help him out. He was conked. Sleeping at my feet. But, either it wore off quickly, or it wasn't sufficient. When the firecrackers started, he was able to follow commands (finally!), but they had to be delivered continuously, "Lie down. That's a good boy. No. Lie down. Good boy. No. Gotta lie down. Good boy..." And so on. He may need some puppy prozac after all!
See the other rodent in our yard:

He was a very busy baby bunny, eating all the weeds in the yard (thank you!) and not seeming to care that my whole yard smells like doggie! Hmmmm, I wonder what ate my hosta that was sprouting this spring but I never saw again.....?

Told ya he was cute! :)

No new knitting on the home front >:| but I found another pattern I may want to make for Christmas knitting: the garterlac scarf. Would be "easy" knit with Noro something... at least I think it would. Haven't been able to GET entralac yet, but I am gonna try. Seems it would be easier than cables, once you get how it works...another short rows project I should try.
Hasta manana!

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