Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fair acquisitions

Okay, I admit it. My budget just got busted. But I don't really care at this point! I'm so happy with my Saturday :D

This is one of the great books on my list of wants, that I found at a booth at the fiber fair:

And I have had this on my list too--I got both these XRX books from the library in the past, but really wanted my own copy of them.

I have been wanting to get the sock knitting going, and have seen everyone's versions of the embossed leaves sock from a past issue of Interweave Knits, so when I heard that pattern was republished in this book, it made my wants list!

And, since I am such a cable fiend, I purchased this workbook from Janet Szabo on planning your own Aran sweater:


I also got a much needed ball-winder, and an instruction book on spinning with a drop spindle:

There was a booth with handmade soaps, and the scent of them floated me right over to it! I bought 2 bars of their Goat-milk soap that smells like cinnamon and spices--kindof like chai! Yum. They have a website too!

Oh, I almost forgot! I also got this great penannular brooch, in pewter:

Shown on my clapotis. Been looking for one of these!

I bought some more wool to spin up, this was only $6! Don't know the content, don't really care except it's very soft :)

And from
Carolina Homespun, I bought this lovely wool top to spin, and a mag:

So there you have it: books, gadgets, and wool. Not a bad haul, AND....I kept my promise to the Stash-along, by not buying yarn. Guilt free, woohoo! (-ish)


MAIZEE said...

Ha! I did the same thing just yesterday. I was a my quilt shop for the monthly Thimbleberries meeting and I came home with my tote full of stuff--fall fabric, some cute halloween kitty fabrics, a Santa preprinted panel for a wall hanging and two books. Then I stopped at Hobby Lobby and got some Red Heart worsted in browns, tans, creams, blacks and greys. I have been wanting to start the Babette granny but couldn't decide what colors, until now. It was so fun unpacking all my loot when I got home.

Aim said...

I hear ya, Maizee! ;)

Opal said...

What great books you got! I'm sure they'll provide you with hours of fund and inspiration. My particular favorite is Favorite Socks.

Acornbud said...

What great purchases. And look at you spinning! What fun:)

Jeri said...

Another stash-alonger here. I am finding that my non yarn purchases have picked up. And I'm a new spindle spinner too.