Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sharfik esta terminada

Yay, I did it!! I finished my July knitting goals (finish a scarf, start and finish another for Xmas gifts)! Wow, having made that promise--in the Stashalong--really made me get my projects done. I first thought it was a meager goal to finish 2 scarves in July, but....what with working full time, and all the crazy things life seems to throw at me randomly, I don't think I could have accomplished anything more than I did! So, Yay for me :)
(I AM patting myself on the back right now!)

Sharfik was finished tonight at Knit Night. And the ends are woven in and everything. Woo hoo! I used all 3 balls of yarn except for about 24" and I think the length is just right :) No finished pic yet....

And, I treated myself to a ball of yarn after finishing it :) A ball for moi....

Am going to visit 'the grandfather' this weekend, won't be posting until next week some time :) Will update with a finished Sharfik pic later on. (And yes, I will be working on Crazy Weave on the drive up, hee hee!)

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lobstah said...

Good for you for meeting your goal (and having the presence of mind to set a reasonable one, ha ha). The scarves all look beautiful, you're going to have a lot of happy Christmas giftees this year.