Thursday, July 12, 2007

Not doing, just viewing....

New group ready to flee the nest soon:

1870 Pearl has given a nice tutorial on grafting garter stitch, for those of you looking to graft her 4-Corners Dishcloth.

Ooh, look at these beautiful fair isle pillows....nice free pattern! Would be an absorbing project!

This would be a pretty idea to use up scraps! I would have to finish a lot of projects to have enough scraps for that though! would be gorgeous also knit in Noro....

This is an interesting looking scarf pattern! Reminds me of some dishcloth pattern I've seen, but what a great take on that idea--looks wonderful as a scarf!!! So inspiring to see what people can get from each other--hoping I soak in this much creative juice! (this was updated 10/9/07)!

Look at this cute sheep dishcloth! What a fitting knit for a fiber fiend....:)

Related to hedgie (in my opinion) is this really fun
fortune cat! What a cute pattern, and you hang Chinese coins around it's neck when finished felting!!!!

Look at the
free yoga socks pattern (link updated 1-28-09) ! Great idea. I love all the variations on sock sizes, shapes and lengths that are going on. Really cool!

I like these Chevron Mitts! They are really pretty, and a fun take on the chevron-itis that is going on!!

A plant-dye tutorial that looks interesting...if I ever get to that point!

This looks like fun. I am a budding spinner, and need some instruction!!! I have joined the monthly fiber club at Hello Yarn, bought myself a drop spindle, but don't know really how to do it! I can't wait for Midwest Fiber and Folk Fair that is coming in 2 weeks!!! Yay, I hope I can catch a demo or something.... Been wanting to spin for 25 years, in fact it has been a family joke, every time my spouse makes me a Christmas gift, the joke is that he is making me a spinning wheel! Well, I am now finally ready to explode into that phenomenon, so lets see what the near future brings!

Right now, am not doing, just viewing. I have been having wrist pain for the past few weeks, and yesterday at work I noticed I had a newly visible ganglion cyst on my wrist as the source of the pain. So I injected it with steroids to get it to shrink. Does that sound like a hard-core PA?! My boss is out of town, or I would have had him do it :)

Anyway, it has been hurting like the dickens since I injected it, so I put it on ice last night, and that helped. Just realized though that I have been sleeping with it fully flexed--have to get a brace for bedtime. Grrrrr. Having a hard time typing and knitting now, so will have to cut back temporarily :(


Opal said...

i hope your wrist feels better soon and best wishes for jellybean.

Aim said...

Thanks Opal, she is doing much better--she had us really worried. There's still a chance she may have more probs, but they've stabilized for now :)