Sunday, July 8, 2007

Resources list.....

More resources I found: (the list goes on and on....!)
  1. The Great American Aran Afghan

  2. Yarns to Dye For

  3. McCall's Big Book of Dolls and Toys to Knit and Crochet

  4. No Need to Knead: Handmade Italian Breads in 9o Minutes

  5. Lace Style

  6. Fancy Hawaiian Lei

  7. 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns

  8. Viking Patterns for Knitting

  9. Dazzling Knits

  10. Oh, I know there are more.....hmmmm. :)
These are all things I am dreaming about purchasing...But since I am such a bibliophile, and I have so many books already, I'm holding off! But I might go for the bread book....

Here's a neat yo-yo blanket I "made": A couple years ago, I found this as a fabric by-the-yard at Hobby Lobby! I bought a yard and a half, and trimmed the cut edges to be an instant yo-yo throw. (Do you know how many hours it would take to make one of these yourself?!)

I had made a smaller project of yo-yo's when my kids were little; while I would wait at the school to pick them up, I would sew yo-yo's by hand, and eventually had enough to make this mat:
And this one:

The yo-yo's to make these took so much time, you would not believe! I then used my sewing machine bar-tack to sew the yo-yo's together quickly :p

One of the first things newlywed Aim made 24 years ago (!) was this placemat:
It matched curtains I had made for the kitchen of our mobile home. I was so proud of my first make for my new home, I even got labels to sew on:
Look at the mess of stitches on the back! LOL

Here is an afghan I crocheted about 17-20 years ago, when I was really into mauve. I still think it's cute, but why would you make an afghan full of holes--is that going to keep you warm?!!!

As far as knitting goes, I will post another pic of Sharfik when I'm not going to bore you with incremental progress! Maybe when it's half done.

Puppy update: Jellybean is home, we take her for an MRI of her brain tomorrow, she is mostly okay, but still slightly weak and off-balance due to her back right leg weakness. :)

Recipe for the week is this simple no-cook item, because it is 90 degrees and muggy as all get-out around here:

Sweet Sun Tea

This is very simple. You need 9 teabags, 1 gallon of water, a close-able container to sit outside, and 2/3 cup of sugar(or equivalent amount of sweetener--I use 16 pkts of Sweet & Low, or 18 pkts of Splenda.)

  1. Unwrap teabags--you can use all decaf, half decalf-half regular, or all regular. Any kind of tea works, I've even used herbal teas.

  2. Fill gallon container with fresh cold water.

  3. Put the teabags in, close the lid, and place in the sun for variable number of hours (1-8).

  4. When ready, remove teabags, stir in 2/3 cup of sugar, and refrigerate.

  5. Serve over ice, with lemon. Keeps for a "couple of 5 days" in the fridge :)

start after 1 hour
after 4 hours.

I sometimes take this jug to work with me and keep it in the fridge there, with a baggie of lemon wedges. I can chug this stuff in the summertime. And no cooking involved! Another great recipe given to me years ago by Sherry.


Opal said...

I'm so glad Jellybean is home. Good luck with the MRI!

That sun tea looks delicious.

Acornbud said...

It always amazes me when I see things, some really large things made out of yoyos. I imagine if I had a long bus or subway ride to work and back I could be a yoyo factory.

keohinani said...

but i LIKE your hole-y afghan! hehe. :)