Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturdays were made for fiber!

Sharfik is now 34" long, and I just finished the 2nd ball of yarn. I will be knitting one more ball onto this. Have been a knitting fiend, even though my wrist cyst is bugging me again. Whatever, I'm not going to stop.

Here is Sharfik posing early Saturday morning:

On this project, I am enjoying the "cables without a cable-needle" technique, as explained by Grumperina
here. Am sooooooo itching to start my next cabled scarf project, but I know if I divide my time up, it'll take longer to finish this WIP, so am just going to work only on it for a while.

Midwest Fiber and Folk Fair: ooooooh yeah! The only thing that would have made it better is if there were actual sheep and alpacas there. I thought there would be, but I was mistaken. Mostly shopping booths. Not that that's a bad thing (!!!)
Bombyx top, above, and various wools, below
The goal I had was to learn how to spin with my drop spindle I had purchased from Hello Yarn in April, when I joined the fiber club. I now have bundles of wool roving (that come in the mail monthly!) waiting to be spun up. So I packed up my little spindle, and my test blob of roving, and went off to the fair....

Look! Lookit! That's me spinning! Wheeeeee!

Yay for spinning! Woo-hoo! (Fair photos courtesy of DH--thanks, DH for being such a sport and coming with me to endure fiber shopping!!! Whatta sweetheart!)

I want to say a HUGE thank you to the gals from Carolina Homespun, who so generously taught me to spin while being swamped with customers waiting to pay! I will always remember you both fondly, as the ones who started me out! Because, I have wanted to spin for 20+ years!!! Thanks so much, Morgaine, and your un-named helper :)

On top of that, they were able to point me in the direction of a local spinnery and guild, where I can take lessons (for dirt-cheap it looks like) and purchase a wheel if I desire! Wowee!!! I'm on overload :D

Can't stop my cheesy grin ! :D

I purchased a bag of Romney wool roving (is it roving or top? I don't think I have the correct terminology yet!) in this gorgeous blue green colorway (from Carolina Homespun):

My production by the end of the day. Because, you know, I came home and could. not. stop. the. spinning. I just kept going, and I AM SO HOOKED ON SPINNING NOW! :D

I have to say one more thing: On the drive home from the fiber fair, I had this all-encompassing sense of well-being that I have not felt in years. I was fully saturated with peace -- like I used to get when practicing yoga. I don't know if it was finally achieving that llllllooooonnnnggg held goal of learning to spin, or the actual act of spinning itself that gave me that high, but I have not felt that wonderful in years! I want more of that feeling :) Sigh.

I will bore you tomorrow with my other great acquisitions--a teaser: I did not buy any yarn! --though looking at the above photos makes me want to go back and buy some in yummy colors! ;o)


Opal said...

Sharfik looks great! I'm so happy you learned how to spin. Isn't it fun? I find I get into such a meditative state of mind once I start that I have a really hard time stopping.

Aim said...

I can see how that would happen Opal! Must be the spinning. So soothing, earthy, and somehow spiritual! :)