Sunday, July 29, 2007

Herbstlied & Am Kamin, here I come!

I got my book from YesAsia last week! Took a while, about 1 month to get here, but it was worth the wait! This book also has the Am Kamin sweater in it--I didn't know that when I ordered it!!! That's a really nice bonus :)

I have found that there are multiple KALs and blogs referencing these patterns, and, to tell you the truth this blog is the one that convinced me to buy it so I could have help to figure out the instructions, which are, of course, in Japanese. And this blog has a list too.

For anyone contemplating ordering this book, here's a preview of what's in it (you can't see the insides on YesAsia before you order):

Look at the cute tams!!!

Ooooooh, love those oakleaf pattern cables in "Herbstlied." Fun, fun, fun. (I am an avid acorn kitsch collector! Some day I'll post pics of my collection.....)
I would so love to knit the Am Kamin in a deep red like what is shown. Hmmm, another must do!


Opal said...

The only thing that I'd really make in the books is the shawl and it seems a bit silly for me to buy a whole book for one shawl pattern.

I look forward to seeing you make the sweaters in the book though!

Aim said...

Opal, you know I always "bite off more than I can chew"---I'd love to make Am Kamin, but it's on the back burner til other projects get done :D However, I am planning to do something with Herbstlied soon. Stay tuned!