Monday, July 2, 2007


I had such a nice weekend. It was better than anything I've had in a long time. Lots of satisfying TIME to do things I both wanted and needed to do. Of course, I could always use more time, but for once I feel rested and ready to go.....Charge!

Here's my harvest from yesterday:

Those serviceberries are really hard to pick. They grow a single berry randomly along the tree branches. I had to twist and turn and practically stand on my head to pick these--but hey, I got a little over a pint! Yay.

Currants galore, in spite of my terrible gardening skills! So easy to pick the drupes of this fruit! Gonna make some jelly, beautiful jelly.

Finished another 4 corners washcloth: all but the grafting:

I'm not really cranking along lately. But since I did lots of gardening yesterday, and baking, I feel like I can dedicate the remainder of my free time this week to yarny projects!

This fellow was "cok caliskan" yesterday, which in Turkish, means 'very industrious!' He was busy running back and forth right past my doggies (!) and I, up and down my steps.

He has a home under our porch, I bet he's feeding babies. Look at his cheeks:

Ha-ha-haaaaaaa! Looks like me when I get my hands on Dove Chocolates :)

I don't know why it's "cute" to have these rodents in your yard. It's fun to watch the wildlife, but I don't think I like wildlife that doesn't keep it's distance. That's not natural, and I'm always afraid of rabies (crazy health care person that I am!) I was thinking of blocking up the opening he uses under the porch, but am afraid of trapping them underneath. I wonder if there is something that smells bad to chipmunks (but not humans!) that I could put under there to chase them away! I don't want to end their lives, just make them move out...Any suggestions?

Speaking of rodents...well, I'll show you tomorrow--I promise, it's the cutest rodent ever!

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Opal said...

It sounds like you had a really productive weekend! I have no sage advice about rodents as I've never had a rodent problem. Ask me about bugs! We got lotsa bugs here in the tropics!