Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bun buns and Trail Mix

Here's the best group of things I ever made:

this is the only picture I took before I gave them away. I made them for the girls in the office for Easter this year. The patterns are: largest bunny is from Kate Gilbert's pattern in size large with Cascade 220, the blue fuzzy one is same pattern in size small with unknown novelty yarn. The small green one in front is from this pattern, and I have to admit, my personal favorite of the bunny patterns I tried. Looks very rustic, but if made in novelty yarns is very fast and cute....I had found this great Hello Kitty look-alike pattern free online, and one of the girls in the office is a big fan of HK (like me!) so that one's specifically for her. Cute, cute, cute. Must make one for me....

Here's one I made for my son for Easter:
(same pattern as green one above)

I made it out of Moda-Dea 'Lazy Daisy' yarn, it has bundles of yarn like little flowers on the surface of the knit(one flower became his nose!) It's a strange yarn, feels like knitting with dryer lint, and is probably better made into a larger project. This one looks like a Leper Bunny ;-)

Now for some trail mix. I took six 12-oz bags of M&Ms, one each of almond, peanut, peanut butter, plain, mega-peanut, and mega-plain, and mixed them all in a huge bowl:

Yeeaaah baby. That's what I call trail mix!

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Acornbud said...

Bunny Peep looks like Totoro! So cute:)