Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hummingbird Migration

I have only seen hummingbirds in our region (Great Lakes) in the past 10 years or so. When I was growing up, I never knew they existed in our area, I thought they were a tropical Florida or California type bird. I was so excited when I saw one the first time, from my front porch. I really need to get some red flowers planted around in my yard to draw them back. ..... Here is a hummingbird migration map that I think is pretty cool. Would like to report on there some day, but for now I just use it to see where they are!

The photo is why I love spring. This is our front yard in early May. I wait ALL WINTER for this display of redbuds. I love them so much, they are beautiful even when not flowering, their leaves are big and heart-shaped, they tremble in the slightest breeze, and the trees grow in this great vase shape. What's not to love?

I promised in my last post to publish a fabulous Mexican seafood salad. This is the only way I can eat shrimp. I'm a landlubber from the middle of our continent, what can I say. This is the most delicious hot weather salad on the planet, and my good friend Ilda, who I miss greatly, shared the recipe with us at work. I CANNOT STRESS HOW YUMMY THIS IS!!!!! Sorry there's no pic, I ate it all before it could be photographed. Maybe next time.....

Ilda’s Famous Mexican Seafood Salad

1 lb each cooked baby shrimp and crab (I use the frozen kind)
2 handfuls cilantro, chopped (1/2 bunch)
3 tomatoes, seeded and diced
2 avocados, diced
salt to taste
3-5 lemons, juiced (taste before adding more than 3—can make too much juice in salad)

Toss all ingredients. Marinate around 4 hours—if you can wait that long! Serve cold. Yum yum! Muy deliciosa. Serves around 8-10.

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