Wednesday, May 23, 2007

nature.....and ripples and miters


I finished another Ty-Dy mitered washcloth yesterday. Again, posing it around my yard:

It's slightly larger than the wonky miter written about previously; I used size 8 needles and switched to size 7 needles at 3/4 of the way through, to minimize pointiness of bind-off corner.

I gave in and started a ripple. Not just any ripple, mind you, but a crocheted ripple. Wow, it was tough to transition back to crochet after being such a knit-head for the past year. Harder than I thought! (although I haven't really crocheted in about 8 years).

I decided to make this after seeing this, and giving up on this poorly written pattern. It wasn't even fun to work on, there are so many pattern mistakes. That left me with this:

and this:

My ripple will be of 100% cotton, will be a small project to replace something I gave my daughter when she moved out. Fifteen or twenty years ago I had made a crocheted mat (of acrylic yarn of all things!) for draining dishes on, based on one I had seen at my Nana's. (She always had the most inspiring textiles around her house. I owe my love of them to her.) Anyway, we've just been using a towel since I gave it to my daughter: I miss having a dedicated mat for this purpose. So the ripple will brighten up my kitchen, and help me decide if I really want to jump into a larger ripple project....Plus, it's not acrylic!!!


Acornbud said...

Another one bites the ripple dust, heh. That flow is a beauty!

Opal said...

Your mitered washcloth is so lovely. I just adore the colours.

As for the ripple, have you seen this pattern?