Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ripple blanket to come

Okay, some figures (with old pics, sorry!):

I washed and measured my finished ripple mat. It started out life as 19 x 23.25 inches. After a good hot wash and dry, it shrank to 18 x 21.5 inches. If I use the same pattern, I can plan for about 5 percent shrinkage from ripple point to ripple point (what will be lengthwise), and about 8 percent shrinkage widthwise. So now I have to decide what size I want it to be finished...

I think it would be nice to have a size that would cover my queen-size bed, although smaller, like a twin, would be okay. Haven't decided if I want to use it as a bedspread or a throw on the end of the bed....

I think if it's bigger, it would be too heavy--?maybe. Definitely want it to remain as large as possible after shrinkage. Hmmm. And it is going to be mostly blue, instead of mostly green.

I'm dying to get started on this. Must calculate the starting chains next....

I've been sick overnight, so it may be a while before newer pics get taken. I have no further days off work, so will have to stick it out the rest of this week. I think I'll be wiped out by this eve...but I'll leave you with a fun pic of my patio, pre-winter cleanup:

And my tree project--don't laugh:

I am forever weeding out seedlings of maple and redbud trees from my flower beds. Last fall, this little maple seedling had one leaf on it in the most gorgeous scarlet, so I transplanted him into the middle of the yard so that he wouldn't get pulled up by me in the spring. I placed a candle-cup holder for a stake to protect it from the mower. I can't wait til he's big enough to transplant.... :)

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