Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bibliophile, that's me

I love books. Oh, my. I have a collection, and it just keeps growing. Soon I will be selling a few, just to make room for better ones ;-p Here are some of my most recent acquisitions, oh boy such great ideas and talent out there. I had to have this book from the makers of Koigu yarns. Oooh, such beautiful patterns, look at that scarf!

I really want to try my hand at dying yarn and spinning. I bought a drop-spindle and some roving, but haven't yet attempted any such thing. Some day.....

I scored this hardcover copy of A Gathering of Lace for $22!!!It was apparently a library discard. One man's junk is another man's treasure....Yup.

I am in the process of reading this right now. I needed something fun to read at lunch on my patio. I'm enjoying it so far.

This book I got for the cute felted puppets pattern. There are cute baby knits too.

And last but not least, I got this book because in my dreams, I raise sheep on the islands of Hawaii, and spin yarn and sell it with my own patterns. This from someone in the 'burbs who has only ever had cats, dogs, and bird and fish for pets. But in a perfect world, I'd have an alpaca who guarded the herd, and publish books about our escapades on the farm. Sigh ;)

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Sue J. said...

Wonderful books! And a hardcover copy of GOL-wow! I see lots of treasures there and tons of awesome knitting. Enjoy, enjoy. I wouldn't part with my knitting books for anything.