Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Skull Mittens & Color Knits

Here's the promised pic of skull mittens blocking over water bottles! These were started before the new year, and finished sometime in Feb :-) I made them from this pattern, free online, to match the skull hat in previous post. One palm says 2006 (that's the mitten I started and nearly finished in 2 days) and the other says 2007 b/c I didn't even start it until superbowl sunday! I'll have to get photos of the palms sometime. I used size 3 dpn and sport weight wool; it seems like the mittens are nearly too small--next time I would use worsted and larger needles, like 5 or 6. I would definitely make them again, in different colors. Someone at my knitting group was making the hat in fluorescent pink and green, and it was really cute......

Oh my gosh, check this out. This woman is absolutely amazing. I want to miter, I want to miter....I feel a shopping spree coming on. Could mean trouble.
I really love the types of knit designs that are using either scraps or multiple variegated yarns together. There's the fish blanket (with pattern here), the chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, or the crochet ripple-along blankets (especially this one). All this color makes me SING! After such a long gray winter, drab and blah. I can hardly wait to do these myself. I didn't have the pattern for the chevron scarf, but ordered socks that rock yarn and adapted a Barbara Walker lace pattern for my own scarf. You'll see next post, and I'll give the pattern. ;-)

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Opal said...

Lovely mittens! I made a pair myself for a Christmas present last year and they were so much fun to knit.

I love that ripple blanket link. So pretty!