Friday, May 25, 2007

Finished Ripple

A pink trillium in my Grampa's woodland garden:

Well, I finished my ripple mat. Only because we had high winds yesterday, we lost power, and I didn't feel well. Otherwise, I would've cleaned house and planted my garden. Yes I would...

Instead, I sat around on the sofa and crocheted on my ripple, in between naps and reading 'Friday Night Knitting Club.'

I made it a bit larger than I want because I know it will shrink significantly. I really like to wash things in very hot water--we'll see how much it shrinks. It measures 23-1/4 x 19 inches now....

I had to run to the store to pick up these 2 colors of Sugar & Cream cotton....

And came back with these:

Yup, $50 later, I have a huge assortment of washcloth cotton! (Hobby Lobby loves me.) I really like the feel and weight of the crocheted ripple mat, and am contemplating a ripple blanket-throw to put on the end of my bed....It's either that or a lifetime supply of washcloths, now.

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