Tuesday, May 1, 2007

my blogname, for those of you interested....

If any of you are wondering how I came up with this name for my blog, it is a word that my daughter used often, back when she was a pipsqueak. Like about 3 or 4 years old. (She is now 22, and enlisted in the Marine Reserves--obviously no longer a pipsqueak!) She used to come up with the cutest sayings and phrases, a few of which have remained in our permanent vocabulary!

Here are the first pics off my camera....Xmas knits I gave as gifties. The first 2 are hats made for hub and son, very quick knits. I like this pattern because of the earflap/neckflap design to keep you good and warm, especially with short hair! It is from the book "Hip Knit Hats" by Cathy Carron. The only thing I would change about this pattern would be to add on extra garter stitch rows at the bottom, to help prevent the 'Little Dutch Girl' look of the flaps. They just want to stick out like the flying nun (remember that show?!)

The black and white hat is the We Call Them Pirates pattern, free from here . And I made my daughter the matching mittens, see next post! Yay for Christmas and knitting, hooray!

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