Tuesday, May 8, 2007

'Nother Washcloth

Okay. I admit it. I didn't edit last night's post (too tired), but I'll add the other washcloths to this post. The flower washcloths are fun to knit and I've seen people make them with different colored centers for a bi-colored washcloth. Three versions of the flower pattern are here. Another version is found in a popular knit book (Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick and Ericka McConnell.) I haven't knit the book version yet, but it's on my WIST list.

The pattern for the simple garter stitch cloth goes like this:

Cast on 4.

K across.

Then from now on each row, K2, YO, K across.

This will build a square on the diagonal; when the width of it becomes the desired width of the diagonal of your washcloth (mine is usually 48-54 sts on the needle), then begin the decrease rows.

Each decrease row is K2, YO, (K2 tog)2 times, then K across.

When you only have 4 sts left on needle, bind off.

I usually make these in cotton with size 7 or 8 needles. These are great made in cotton in quantity--actually my favorite brain-dead knitting(a.k.a. TV knitting). I had succeeded in almost replacing all of my purchased washcloths with these, then got distracted by other projects, and now am in need of some more!

This pattern is for a fun lacy round cloth. Is a fun knit, though I may look for a less lacy spiral pattern; it's a little too open for my daily use on my face....maybe something like this.

Here is my finished ball-band washcloth. I love the texture, can't wait to take my first shower with this. Ain't it purty?!

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Hi! Welcome to Blogland! I love the washcloths!