Sunday, May 27, 2007

Graduation, and the lake....

Well, we made it. Both kids have graduated from high school. Wow. I feel old today....But happy to be the parent of such wonderful, brilliant people. And they have such potential!!! How exciting to be once again on the brink of adulthood, the world as your oyster.

I went to my Grampa's in early May. He lives on a lake. It is really nice to be there before the tourists/summer vacationers. It was soooooo quiet there--here, listen for yourself:

I got a little knitting done as I sat in the sun with a coat on, listening to the waves and the birds. aaaaaah. Why can't every day be like those few moments?

I picked this up yesterday, my own copy finally. Have been using the library's copy up until now, but I had a $25 frequent buyer discount at my LYS, and thought I'd use it for this:

Sometimes I read and talk more about knitting than I actually knit! Whenever I come to that realization, then I will sit for hours working on a project, usually until it's done! So blogging is a good impetus for knitting, in the end. All these plans and patterns and yarns waiting in line to be used--they are all pushing at the current WIPs so they can be next in line....

Today's recipe will have to come later. It is, after all, only 5 AM! ;-]

Okay, I'm back. Did not get any baking done, but here's a great recipe for Limoncello, an Italian liqueur that can either be taken as a cordial, or used in desserts or for baking (what I always use it for.) It makes huge amounts of basic lemon extract, that will keep you baking, and drinking, for a while! I love this recipe:


2 lbs lemons, peeled
3 c sugar
4 c vodka
3 c water

Steep the lemon peels (yellow part only--no pith) in vodka at room temp for 1 week.
Stir together sugar and water in pan over heat until dissolved; cool. Add to the vodka and lemons. Strain into bottles, seal, and chill 1 month before use.(Don't need to store in fridge though.)

I made my bottle of this 2 years ago, and even though I have a great recipe for lemon tirale (Italian cookies) that I use it in, I have a lifetime supply here, unless I start making hard lemonade ;o)


Acornbud said...

Congratulations on the graduation! Brings back memories. Thanks for the great free pattern links! So many patterns, so little time ;)

Michelle said...

ooh, i love limoncello! thanks for the recipe. i think i prefer mine to be chilled in the freezer, at the ready for consumption here in hawai'i. thanks for linking your blog to the alohaknitters. hope you can join us someday soon, even if it's just during a visit before the big move.