Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I wanna....

Ooh, WIST....
I'd like to make this, but doesnt' look like they make it in my size, may have to tweak the pattern.

Want to make some of the cutest booties on the planet, from Saartje. Never mind there is no baby in the near future for anyone I know, those are just darn cute!

Am waiting to start the Einstein Coat in this thick green yarn "Cascade 128", I think it'll be really warm and cute.

I am a jacket fiend, can never have enough. Tips for the pattern here.

Last year at Stitches, I purchased a kit for this beautiful multicolored cardigan: have I started it yet? No.

Available here.

(But hon, I need more yarn...)
Sigh, back to the work grind...good thing I love my job!

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