Monday, May 14, 2007

Bluebird of Happiness and a Penguin Peep

I found this great pattern for Peeps the day before Easter this year. So the week after Easter I began making bluebirds from the pattern.

I was showing them at work, and my girlfriend wanted me to make her a penguin.

Here's my pattern mod to the Peeps pattern, for a Penguin:

Knit rows 1-11 as pattern, in Black yarn (B).

In following rows, knit as per pattern, with the following color changes:

R 12: K 9 Black, add a fifth dpn, K9B, K6W, K24B.
R 13: K17B, K8W, K22B.
R 14: K16B, K10W, K21B.
R 15: Same as pattern, with K10W sts over the white sts in Row 14.
R 16: Same as pattern, but K8W centered over the 10W sts in R15.
R 17: Center 6W sts over the 8W sts in Row 16.
R 18: Knit 6W sts over the previous 6W.
R 19: Center 4W sts over the 6W sts in Row 18.
R 20: Knit 4W sts over the previous 4W.
R 21 and all remaining rows: knit in black yarn as per original pattern.

Please keep in mind this is the first draft of the pattern. Let me know if there are errors...:)

With this being a knit in the round, there are a million loose ends of white and black yarns where they join at edges of penguins chest. I left them loose and they are part of the stuffing! Or, you could duplicate stitch the white over the chest afterwards--that would probably be easier!


keohinani said...

those are so cute!!! so cute so cute!

kat said...

OK that penguin is super cute! I'll post the pattern addition to the peeps soon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I don't understand how you 'add a fifth DPN'. Can you explain?

Aim said...

Oh, adding a fifth DPN means you will have not four but five double pointed needles to work with...hope that helps clear it up :)

Knittergirl said...

Totally adorable! I made one, but I added feet after. It's perfect!