Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cupcakes, not my own idea....

Look, look how cute that is! Holy moly, people can be so creative! How inspiring is that?!

Available from her etsy shop here.

Here's another cupcake, crocheted, with instructions. Haven't done much crochet recently, as knitting has taken over my whole life :D
but that kind of thing makes me want to do some again. Fun!

There are fun knitted versions of cupcakes in that same flickr pool. And see the knitted cupcake hat from previous post.

Not much time here before I go to work, will come back later and add....Cya.

Okay, I'm back after a long hard day. I love love love the whole cupcake thing, look at this, it's a knitted piece of cake. She also makes these cupcakes.

You can get really creative here with knit teapot cosies that look like cake:

Here's cake with a candle, knitted. Why am I so attracted to knitted pastries?! (Well, I do like to eat....ahem.)

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Emily said...

Great blog! Glad you like the scarf. ;)