Sunday, September 14, 2008

Laughing Gravy

Pet names....
One of our family's offhand pastimes is thinking of the name for our next dog. We've been doing this wordplay for years, and it always becomes a hilarious exercise in general goofiness.

One of the names that always gets us going, is "Laughing Gravy." That's a dog name in a Laurel & Hardy movie! Inevitably one of us will remember that, which makes the others laugh.

Other names we've had:

  1. Nabisco ...(DS thought this up in kindergarten!)

  2. Capernicus ...(DS just gave this one!)

  3. Bezoar

  4. Acorn ...(a past pet)

  5. Jupiter ...(a past pet)

  6. Solomon ...(a past pet)

  7. Jellybean ...(our current older dog)

  8. Bruce ...(kidding, we're not into people names for our pets)

  9. Sweet Potato

  10. Blueberry

  11. Pistachio

  12. Mango

Why is it so funny to name your dog after a food? I don't know the answer to that, but it works for this family every time!

And...I usually come up with interchangeable names for the pets we already have. We actually CALL the dogs all these names. Like my puppy (whose name is "Fizz") gets called:

    Fuzzy Fuzzpants
    My Furry Friend
    My Fuzzy Friend
    Puppah Fez ...(like "Boba Fet," heh)
    The Fizzer
    My Furry Dogmother ...(an Aimonym)
    Furry Furpants
    Furry & Cute, Fuzzy & Sweet, Hairy & Nice, Wooly & Black, Cuddly & Fluffy
      (that's ONE name, folks!)

Or, our older dog, whose name is "Jellybean", aka:

    Boopy the Good Girl
    Foo Foo
    Poo Poo
    Foofoopoopoocoocoodoodoo ...(heh)
    Jelly Beanie
Here are some fun things I found online...Love this cute BSJ-related baby romper! She is sheer genius, don't you think?!

This is a very neat-appearing dishcloth! I might try one of these...

I'd love to make this coconut candy. Her presentation is beautiful too!

And, for an autumn sewing project, this Acorn is super cute! I really love the acorn motif, and have slowly collected things of that nature. I'll have to pull out some of my objects and share them with you, like Acornbud has done! (scroll down the page to view!)

Happy Autumn!



hakucho said...

That baby jumper is very cute. You always find the best pattern :)

Susan said...

Funny names! All our dogs start with D and all our cats start with P. We had a kitty Pistachio. But we have funny nicknames, too.

Tartelette said...

Funny names! Our dogs are currently Old Crazy Dog (OCD) and Young Crazy Dog (YCD) :)