Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soup Day

Oh, how I wish my feet were still in Maui! But since they are not, today is going to be a soup day in my kitchen. I am going to make some hearty, warm, cheap food that satisfies to your bones!

I read this article about soup-making without stock, and became very inspired. Granted, I've done this tons of times in my past, but reading someone else writing about it somehow legitimizes it...So I'm gonna get into the kitchen and cook! It's perfect soup weather, cool and overcast, and something warm and hearty for the tummy is just what the doctor ordered.

I need to run to the store anyway--I'll swing by the farmer's market and see what soup makings I can find...

I am thinking a crockpot cheese soup would be good, but minestrone really sounds better right now. With big spiral pasta...What are your favorite soups?



APA said...

Funny you mentioned this was Soup Day (although we're back in the 70s today...AUGH!) and that a run to the Farmers Market was in order. We've just come from there, too, and have two soups going...collard greens (NOT kale as roomie informed me each time I said so) with parsnips and sweet potato using some whites we picked up. We'll leave the collard green and parsnip as is, but cream the sweet potato. Yum-O! Oh and for a treat we've not had in quite some time...boiled peanuts. What a good day. Hope yours is, too!

hakucho said...

I think my all time favorite soup is lasagna soup, but I do make a wonderful beef vegetable soup. I make a big pot and it lasts and lasts. So easy to microwave a bowl of soup when you need a quick dinner :)

Enjoy your soups :)

Sharon said...

Fun you say that....I had the biggest hankering for Matzo Ball soup today and I got me some fresh at Wholefoods this afternoon. I wasn't raised with this soup or anything and discovered it a mere year ago and I'm so hooked on it! Total comfort food!