Thursday, September 25, 2008

Simple September Recap

I have been busy. I got my yarn in finally that I ordered in August. I can crank on some mindless garter stitch yay!!! It will be a Christmas present for DS, so I have all of the cozy cold-weather onset to work on it. That I am looking forward to a lot.

I picked up my Lace sampler again. I am halfway done with the final chart. I think this warm Indian Summer we are having is making me not want to have the wooly Aran Wrap Cardi sitting on my lap. So that's a good thing...soon I will have my first finished lace-weight project. I can't wait to see it blocked!

My Simple September has gone really well, except for 2 things:

1. My BFF came to see me from San Diego, and we splurged on a pedicure and dinner and lunch out. But that was a necessary expenditure, because, ya know, how often does your friend come 3000 miles to visit?!

2. I went to the grocery store after work yesterday, and realized I didn't have my checkbook. I therefore had to use a credit card for my groceries. Oooooh, how I hate that. Now I am going to have to double my payment to the card next month to make up for that. Grrr.

Other than those two things, I have been very good about the spending. And oh man do I ever see how those unattenuated urges to buy can build up! I can't believe how often I see something and instantly want it and immediately start telling myself I should buy it. YIKES!

So I think Simple September has been really great for me...a training ground for really watching my $$ output. I don't need to be gung-ho and make everything from scratch, but there are things I CAN do from scratch that are well worth it in the end. (I am speaking specifically of the granola recipe from the beginning of the month. MAN IS THAT A GREAT RECIPE! I'm gonna make that, and some variations, frequently. It lasted me 2 weeks.)

Recap: I did try the coconut ice recipe that I posted about a week or two ago--yuck. I thought it was really disgusting. I think the granola has turned my tastebuds towards more healthy eating :D

I am thinking of a yarny-good budget. Maybe like one pattern book or mag a month...something I can stick with that will prevent me from doing what I did in August. I bulk-shopped on YesAsia. Mm hmmm. Will post about the gets later. But wow. I need to stop that stuff.

So Simple September has been a great exercise for me to re-learn budget techniques, and to re-explore how much I love doing things from scratch. I hope others have been inspired too.

Happy knitting--pics soon, I promise!



hetty said...

Yes! You have inspired me to do some budget stuff of my own. Great idea! I have lots of things to finish before I go buying anything new! A magasine a month seems doable. So, bring on October! Can't wait to see some photos of your finished projects!

Nat Red Knits said...

Aim - I love your blog... and to show my appreciation, I have passed on an award to you on my blog.

I am enjoying reading Simple September.

hakucho said...

Good for you! I've been trying to cut back too, just the weekly trip to the grocery store is killing me, never mind buying anything for my knitting habit. Good luck :)

Chookyblue...... said...

Hi tahanks for the award.........much appreciated and nice to knwo you love my blog.......will check out some of the other links you included.........