Monday, September 8, 2008

And so it begins....

It must be the sinus infection. I'm getting the cyclic sense of finality and sadness that seems to come with the shortening of days. The longer light in the afternoons, the cool evenings, the lack of birdsong and chatter in the morning--all these indicate to me the end of summer. I know that some of my energy issues are related to my acute illness...but COME ON!!!

It is too early for this sense of "the end." Usually we can go through September with many hot/warm days still. I'm already wearing my Blue Beauty sweater around the house these days!!! Yikes. So, my wool-knitting picks up again in earnest!

I managed to get a shot of my Aran Wrap Cardi outdoors on my front porch yesterday:

among the Clematis Montana. Those blooms smell incredible, wish I could share that with you as well.
(Here you see illustrated my absolute lack of gardening this year. That is a vine you see sprawled across the base of the porch. In normal years I tie it up to the main post throughout the growing season, knowing that when late summer comes the blooms will carry us into a last blast of blooming happiness before the cold sets in. This year, you have to get on the floor to experience it. Ahem.)

Due to illness, lunch meetings, and appointments out of town prior to work, there are not many days I can walk to work. Go figure, all summer I could've done so. Last week it was DS' soccer game at the community college after work (before they yanked his eligibility due to something about insufficient credits from last semester--the kid wasn't even on the team last semester.) I am really glad I went and took some fun action shots, as it looks like that's all he'll get at the college level. Grr.

But other than that, Simple September has definitely curbed my spending. I spent $100 Saturday at the Italian market, and really bought only ingredients--nothing prepared, no frozen dinners. Can't believe it cost that much. Wow. But the challenge of cooking something each night for dinner is inspiring me. I found a couple of really great recipes I'd like to share.

First, this summer roll recipe. I happen to have all the ingredients for this, so it's slated for tonight's dinner. Looks incredible. And look at the grilled flatbread recipe here! YUMMMMMMMMM! Can't wait to try that. Also, I found a recipe for a cute snack cake. I'm gonna hafta share this one with DD, I know she'll appreciate that :D

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Here's to good health, good food, good friends and good knitting :)



Acornbud said...

Wow that little cake in the cup is so cute. Hope you feel better fast:)

hetty said...

Sorry to hear that your sinuses are bothering you. There is still time before the snow flies. Hope you will feel better so that you can enjoy it! Your Clematis Montana is beautiful! I can almost smell the gorgeous fragrance! Those recipes look fantastic. I think I am going to have to try that cake in a mug thing!

Nat Red Knits said...

I have had the same dreaded sense of summers end as you. It is much too soon!!! I was sitting on my patio this week end with a wrap also. :( I am not quite ready for that!

I evny you your porch Aim. I love the white rail and flowers! Sigh...someday.

try a neti pot for your sinus' it works wonders.

I like the idea of Simple September. Buying fresh is expensive. I buy my fresh veggies at the Mexican market Jalepenos, unbelievable savings there, and at veggie stand near Thelans.

Carrie K said...

I love summer's end! No more heat, no more daylight forcing you to leave your knitting and do something useless outside, I can make soups and favorite time of the year, fall and winter.

Grilled flatbread. YUM.

Susan said...

I have the same clematis growing up my porch, I could have taken that picture. How funny! And I've nominated you for a Brillian Blog Award on my blog.

raining sheep said...

Thank you for visiting me at my blog and leaving such lovely comments. I am so glad you did because as a result, I found my way to your blog and enjoyed reading your entries. I love the knitting...beautiful! Hope you feel better soon...drink lots of echinacea :)

hakucho said...

You are not alone...I've been very busy and VERY tired. My sinuses have been killing me. I'm thinking that I'm either coming down with a cold, but there is a good chance it's just allergies. Hope you feel better soon!

Your cardi looks fabulous!...and thanks for all those recipe links :)