Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mo' Stuff

That's my kind of kitty...

Giggle. Here's a funny link to a Redneck Sheep Song. Make sure you have your sound turned on....

I don't know why, but that really makes me laugh. Simple tastes :)

I missed out on Knit night due to a brewing sinus infection. Oh well, I knew I couldn't escape for too much longer, everyone is coming down with the ickies lately. I had a solid run of a month or so of good health =D

Look at this: this photo from stitchy mcyarnpants is a scream. I love the kitty's face....

Hee hee.

Now for some fun surfing. I saw this non-knitting blog post about beautiful art glass-blowing...I've never seen such beautiful glasswork in my life. I want to go see that exhibit now! OKLAHOMA here I come :) Wow that is some gorgeous art!

I feel all inspired now, by the lovely colors and forms. And, I was just reading this post at the Twist Collective Blog, and now I am in love with Wisteria!!! Look at the cables and shaping! Wowee, that also is some craft. I'm not the biggest fan of turtlenecks, but I would definitely wear one that looked like that :) Cables make me wild for more cables--it's an unending cycle!

These kinds of things really inspire me. I hope they make your day, too!



Pat said...

You always have such fun links - thanks for passing them on!

Knit with me! said...

That poor kitty!! LOL
I love the swim suit, OH MY GOSH

Have a great weekend!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Aim, thanks for stopping by and especially for the link. I love the kitty sweater, I need 3 please!

hakucho said...

That kitty photo is precious!!

Hope you feel better soon.
We have the "ickies" in our house too...I'm trying real hard not to catch any of it :)

Take care and happy knitting :)

TattingChic said...

Oh, poor kitty cat. That kitty is a very tolerant cat to put up with that. I used to dress up my kitty in baby dresses on her birthday for pictures when I was young (pre-teen years. My best friend and I would bake her a cake and everything. The kitty didn't even get any cake. The cat put up with it all!
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

hetty said...

OMG! Poor kitty! I tried to show Mimi that photo, but she refused to look at it. I guess I won't be making one of those for her any time soon.