Monday, September 15, 2008


Jackfruit in Maui

In keeping with Simple September, I have been trying to go back to making things from scratch. Breakfast is one meal I have always been fond of making myself. I have been collecting breakfast recipes for 25 years.

Now I have a new fav. This is so easy, I can't even begin to tell you. It is called Scrambled Pancakes, and it tastes just like a piping hot spoonbread. It is so delicious with real Maple Syrup over the top, I almost ate DH's portion as well as mine (but I saved it for him, and he liked it, too!)

This is definitely my new go-to easy hot breakfast dish. YUM

Here's the recipe:

Scrambled Pancakes
4 eggs
2 c milk
1 c flour
1 t baking powder
1/2 t salt
3 T vegetable oil

Mix with whisk. Pour into hot pan; cook over medium heat. Stir occasionally. Serve with your normal pancake toppings--it rocks with maple syrup, but fruit would be good, too! I would guess this serves 4.

In my experience it never fully sets up, but thickens into a spoonbread consistency (that may be because I was stirring mine almost constantly b/c I didn't want it to burn...we'll see what happens next time I make it.)

I'd love to expand on this further in the future, by adding dillweed or other savory ingredients and going without the sweet toppings.

Now, more time in the kitchen with Aim: yesterday I made these simple crackers from Angry Chicken: They are really good! My doggie likes them too, so I may use this recipe as a jumping off point for making dog-treats (by incorporating peanut butter, cheese, or chicken broth to make them savory).

Not much knitting got done--I also made raspberry coconut cookies. And Coconut Ice, but at the time of this writing have not cut into them yet...I was a busy girl in the kitchen, again. Must be the onset of cooler weather! I'm starting to think about baking bread, making chili, crockpot recipes, and beef stew.

I will likely be incommunicado most of this week, so don't be surprised if I don't post again til next Sunday. I have to study and go to classes around work to recertify in BLS & ACLS this week, as I have let them both lapse. And, I am also auditing a class in basic archeology at my community college which starts today, so I'll be up to my neck this week!

Have a good week, everybody!



picperfic said...

that sounds a bit similar to the 'Bready Omelette' we make here. Looks like you've been rather busy in the kitchen!

hetty said...

Thanks for the recipes. I never would have thought to scramble pancakes! Good luck with your studies.

Nat Red Knits said...

Great sounding recipes. Keep bringing them on. I love the idea of a scrambled pancakes. Must be the hillbilly in me :)

hakucho said...

Scrambled pancakes...that's a new one to me! Yesterday we made overnight omelets (for 100) for rally Sunday. I had never made that recipe before. It went over BIG :)

happy cooking :)

Acornbud said...

Hmm, is it still a pancake technically speaking? Hahaha.

Carrie K said...

Study hard! That pancake looks delicious.

Don't feel too bad about your son's age. Someone asked me how old my brother was and I replied "Fourteen" only to have best-friend-from-kindergarden cough politely and ask "Hasn't he been married for 17 years?"

Why yes. He had. Odd, that. The new math?

Amy said...

Wow! Those eggs look terrific. Two of my favorite things - make that three with the syrup - in one dish. I know what's for breakfast at my house tomorrow. Thanks!

raining sheep said...

Beautiful breakfast. I am also on a road to make as much as possible from scratch. Right now, I am trying recipes for barbecue sauce that does not contain ketchup or sugar.

APA said...

Hi! I'm so glad you stopped over at my blog. I didn't know you were here! I can't wait to browse your past posts. But, I can tell you I immediately saw the pet names. Nice to know someone out there is a "kindred" spirit. We had parakeets as a kid. Their names...Banana, Cucumber, Saltwater, Violet. You know what color they were?! My Dad named them and I still laugh about it!