Monday, September 1, 2008


More Maui--botanical garden with bulbous base palms....

Haven't given a knitting update in a couple of posts: because I haven't done knitting! So far I am one chart repeat into the Aran Wrap Cardi--not much, I know. There are some changes I'm making to the pattern, which I'll post soon. The wool is a bit warm with our current heat wave of 90 degrees, so I am waiting for the nice fall weather to come back in. I did knit 5 hours worth on the Summer Sampler Study Stole, the other night. I'm into chart #11 at this point (of 12, and then there's the edging!!!)

I am a packrat. When I have a love of something, I collect books about it first-off, then gadgets, gizmos, tools and supplies related to that something. I have a cookbook collection that would make you cringe. I have quilting books, sewing books, crochet and knitting books, gardening books, medical books, books by my favorite pulp author Betty Neels...That's just the books, folks. Wow, how DO I live in 900 square feet with other people and two 80-lb dogs?!

So, I was inspired when I saw this link at Junie Moon's website. The video is a bit long, but it really rang true with the way I've been feeling. Less clutter, less stuff, less consumerism. You should watch it if you get a chance:

De-cluttering is going to be a good thing for this household, and so will changing our consumer habits. (I can always go shopping in my basement....)



hetty said...

Thanks Aim. That was a great little video! It certainly deals with a lot of things I've had on my mind lately too. I am sure the statistics are similar for Canada. I am going to share this with my daughter who is teaching social studies to grade 4 students this year. I know she will find it interesting too!

Acornbud said...

Thanks for the link. A sobering thought. I find as I declutter it seems that the stuff expands!

Knit with me! said...

Thanks Aim, good stuff
I had spent my long weekend "detrashing" my closet

I hate clutter!

Great video, I am going to share it with others.