Saturday, September 13, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

It's time to eat crow. In a big way.

Late in the day yesterday, when my brother was giving DS a birthday card, the topic of his age came up. Guess what I, his mother, was reminded of? He's only 20 this year! I feel so embarrassed o.O

The whole past year I had myself convinced he was already 20...duh, I've been wrong in my head all this time! (If you could only see how red my face is...)

Sigh. Is that a sign of "too much on my plate" or early Alzheimers or the fact that I posted yesterday at 3:00 AM?!!! One good thing is that he has one more year before he can legally drink. (~*~relief~*~)

So thank you for all comments on yesterday's post--I will translate your well-wishes to his 20th birthday! I'm pretty sure I got all the other facts in my last post straight. OMG.

I need some Ginkgo....

Now, on to knitting and food news: Look at the yummy treats made here:peanut butter cups at home! I'm always fascinated by making things from scratch, really nearly ANYTHING you can name I'll be interested in...but really, I draw the line here! No thanks, there are just some things that SHOULD be disposable!

Actually, I can hardly keep from commenting disparagingly on that. But I'll zip it, I'd rather be positive today!

In crafty news, I'd really love to make some of these felt garlands for either party decorations to be reused year after year, or Christmas tree decor. Aren't they the cutest thing?! I love that whole idea....

And look at the felted balls and bird here...more cute inspiration on this rainy day.

KNITTING NEWS: Here is a Ravelry page you MUST see. It documents the wonderful doubleknitted heirloom articles one family's amazing Aunt made over her lifetime. I've never seen so many beautiful creations in one place! The amount of work is mindboggling, as is the fact that "AuntMargie" combined charts from her collection for each one she made, and signed and personalized them all! She was a whiz! I love AuntMargie for what she did, and I love her family for documenting her legacy on Ravelry!!!

Other than our roadtrip to Sonic in this downpour, the only other goal I have today is to eat my Hello Kitty candy necklace. I'm not too motivated :)
Have a good weekend everyone!



hetty said...

Those peanut butter cups look delicious! They are on my must try list. Don't worry about the age thing. It probably just feels as if you've had him around a year longer!

raining sheep said...

I would not fret about the age thing, I can never remember if my son is 20 or 21...oh and I bond with you on the disposable thing...ick.

hakucho said...

I did the same thing last week...I made my 22 yo son a year older. Most of the time I don't know whether I am coming or going. Sometimes I even forget how old I am. Pretty lame :)

Great links as all of Aunt Margie's work...phenomenal :)

Susan said...

How funny! I always forget my age and either ask the husband or do the math but I've not forgotten the kids ages yet. Although I think they should start lying about their ages, they're making me look bad.
And Aunt Margie's projects are amazing! Thanks for sharing.