Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey Yo, It's Your Birfday

Hi all! Today is my baby's 21 birthday. I cannot believe it!

It seems like only yesterday we were having power struggles about potty training! Oh, how I remember those days... I started a quilt for him when we moved into this house. He was in kindergarten at that time. The quilt top is not even fully pieced yet! Oops.

We are taking him to Sonic for dinner tomorrow. We are so excited to have a Sonic around here--I cannot even tell you. It has been 7 years since I had Sonic food. Oh how I love that stuff! We will have to find reasons to drive the 20 miles in that direction more frequently now. :D

(P.S. Lest you think we are real cheapskates, there's a reason why we picked Sonic for our b-day treat...when he was 18, he was planning a "road trip " with his friends to the nearest Sonic, which, at that time, was the distance from Chicago to St. Louis! You'd better believe we put the kabosh on that idea. A car full of teens driving hundreds of miles...don't think so!)

Anyway, it's kinda the "in" joke now. He's never had Sonic food. Neither has DH for that matter, and I don't think DD has either.... I'm freaking about the birthday thing--seriously, he's going to be of drinking age, YIKES!

Other freak-worthy news: DD told me she is going to be deployed to Iraq next year. I'm really freaked out about that. Mom's biggest fear....

On the knitting front, I am into my 3rd skein of Cascade 220 for the Aran Wrap Cardi. I am not needing the charts, finally. First armhole is done, and a small portion of the back. I'm not really flying through this. How I wish we were made of $$ so I could just stay at home and knit whenever I want!!!

I am busy trying to upload the last of my Maui photos onto Flickr. Two days agoI had a warning that there was not much virtual memory left in my hard drive, so I thought I'd better clean up some space! Unfortunately, before I realized it was likely the photos hogging up the space, I accidentally uninstalled my sound card software. I spent all night yesterday after work trying to upload and reinstall it, to no avail. So my monitor has no sound. Grrrr.

I hope to go to knitting tonight, and work on the Aran Wrap Cardi. I am really enjoying that project, but I need to finish up on the Summer Sampler Lace. It is hard to switch back and forth from worsted weight to lace weight yarn. And this week's sinus infection had me comfort-seeking by knitting with thick and cushy, squishy wool :)

Here's a photo of the yummy Caprese Salad I had for dinner tonight:

The only thing that would have made it better would have been some chewy bread...however, I wasn't all that hungry, and had a hard time eating all that bocconcini!

Caprese Salad:

-fresh mozzarella (bocconcini is best)
-fresh tomatoes
-fresh basil
-olive oil
-red wine vinegar
-sea salt

Toss together. YUMMY! Great with a chunk of chewy bread and a glass of Chianti, for a summer meal! Enjoy :)



picperfic said...

when we were in Italy we had Caprese as our starter most days! Hope your sinuses sort themselves out, mine are blocking up lately, think its the weather! Enjoy your birthday boy's birthday! x

Acornbud said...

Love your Sonic tale. If it ever comes to Hawaii, I'll have to try them. Your caprese salad photo is just beautiful. Those tomatoes...YUM!!

hetty said...

Happy Birthday to your DS! Enjoy the Sonic food! I have never heard of it, but if it's worth driving hundreds of mile for, then it must be good!
Keep up the knitting. I am looking forward to seeing your finished project. That salad looks terrific!

Carrie K said...

Happy 21st Birthday to your DS! Sonic, eh? That's cute. What's a couple hundred mile roadtrip to teens? A: Heart attacks for their parents.

I'll keep your DD in my prayers! Scary but you must be pretty proud of her.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Oh moving away from Georgia was truly a drag, partly because they had just opened a Sonic there!! Happy B-Day to your young one;)

hakucho said...

Happy Birthday to your son :)

You must be very proud of your daughter, but I do understand your fears. Any mother would. God bless her and keep her safe :)