Sunday, October 21, 2007

Remember the skull sweater?

Do you all recall the earlier post where I was going ga-ga over all the skull patterns, knits and purchased goods? I just updated that post. Today, I was going through some printed out patterns from the web, trying to organize them into a binder, and came across this link (5 months later) to the beautiful skull fair-isle sweater! So, now we're all updated (at least until I forget the next item....) But, you see, my mind keeps working on it--for months if need be--until the problem is solved :)

I got to see my new nephew yesterday. Man is he little, and cute! What a pumpkin :) A very laid-back baby who is mostly quiet and content!

I got paid Thursday. Saturday, I had to purchase a new dishwasher, and a new vacuum cleaner. Geez, I'm broke again until 10 more days. Sigh. But at least we'll get a new stainless steel dishwasher with built-in garbage disposal in the bottom. That ought to fix the family members who have been putting chunks of food into the dishwasher for the past 10 years (without a garbage disposal in it!) Probably why it is not working very well now, grrrr.

I cast on Friday night at knit-night for a scarf adapted from a square in the Great American Aran Afghan book. I worked on it for a while Saturday morning, and put it down. Now I'm thinking I am going to frog it: don't like the pattern translated to a scarf, it's just too fussy. I may either do a chunky cable knit or Wavy from next. I will eventually do both, as I need to make 2 more scarfs for bros for Christmas. Then I have DS, DH and a grampa to knit some for....And I can then start the hats! I really missed having some brain-dead repetetive knitting for the football game today. Need to get started.

Here's a pic of the finished Dulaan scarf:

I am really locked into the focus thing right now. I don't want to work on anything else but Christmas gift knits, even though I have a number of items calling my name. I just want to get the gift knitting finished, so I can move's been a long 4 months!

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