Wednesday, October 3, 2007

do's and done's

Yay, yarny things I did last night:
  1. I finished crocheting the edge around the spiderweb cardi for strength and a finished look.

  2. I began the Dulaan scarf in Lion Wool, Fisherman's wool in navy blue. This will be for a Christmas gift.

Now, things requiring immediate attention:

  1. fix the Blue Beauty sweater--I took it to knit-night last week, when I only had about 25 minutes to stay, and messed something up on the selvedge edge, which I couldn't figure out how to fix! Added a stitch somewhere, thought I knew where, ripped back a few rows, but now can't figure out where I went wrong (should be obvious since it's entirely in ribbing, but somehow I couldn't get it!)

  2. finish swatching for Ballerina. While at the spinning shop on Saturday, I came across an in-between size needle which I have a suspicion I will have to use to make a 3rd swatch to get gauge!

  3. birthday presents for mom, MIL, nephew. Hmmmmm

  4. more ravelry documentation, heh, that's a priority :oD

See ya's.

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