Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another scarf bites the dust!

Oooooh yeaaaaaaah. Bomp bomp.

Chicka chickaaaaaa.

Bomp bomp.

Heh. Sorry. I'm just feelin' good b/c I finished scarf #8. Am casting about for scarf #9, to be made in Lion wool dark brown, for another bro....I think I want to do another cable scarf, so I'm researching Barbara G Walker and some of my cable books....I feel lost w/o a Christmas project to crank on. :)

No pics yet of the finished Dulaan scarf, but it is a bit over 5 feet in length (I kinda got into the Zen of knitting it, and forgot to stop. Snicker.) That's okay, most of my bros are over 6 feet tall. I need to be making hats to match each scarf, but I won't start that until I have all the scarves finished. It's a focus-thing, must finish one objective first, before starting another.

Been very distracted on Ravelry lately. It's really fun to surf the patterns there. I am getting some concentrated surfing done :)

Must post a link: have you seen this? Quite a lovely lacey scarf, looks like a BGW pattern called Seafoam or some such. Looks really pretty in hand-paint yarns. wow

It is 2 AM, and raining cats & dogs. I cannot stop sneezing. I woke myself up sneezing! Hopefully my antihistamine kicks in shortly, but the bonus is, I'm posting! woohoo :)


shell said...

WOW! You are running through the scarves! I just started a pair of socks for my DD#1 so I am a bit behind on my knitting.
Hope the allergy's calm down.

Aim said...

;o) Thanks Shell!

hakucho said...

If you've been on ravelry you've probably seen it all ready, you have to go and check out Monika's scarf:
ahe knit with her own handspun yarn...amazing :)

happy knitting :)

Aim said...

Oooh, that is gorgeous, thanks for the link hakucho!