Monday, October 1, 2007

Joint pain, schmoint pain

I miss my surfing! Have not done that for a while, due to the crazy past month or so (BTW, did I mention I passed my boards?! Yay.) I used to really surf and surf and lurk and spent a lot of time researching patterns and ideas and other bloggers' insights. I miss that. So I am trying recently to visit a couple of my favorite blogs each day....

Oooh, look at Brooklyn Tweed's Hemlock blanket! What a beautiful incarnation of that pattern! On my WIST list now! :) I need to live to 500 to knit everything I want...!

May not knit tonight, and I'll tell you why: remember this post? Well, the ganglion cyst is back, in roaring form and really bugging me the past day or so. My boss injected it today....we'll see if it hurts again. I may have to slam the family bible down on it--sometimes old fashioned remedies are still the best! :)

Or, I could take 2 Aleve and knit through it. Hmm, a choice of knitting or not knitting. What'll it be?!

I have still not blocked the spiderweb cardi, due to wanting to sc around the entire thing to finish it. I neglected to do that initially, but think it would be a good idea. So I could crochet tonight, that uses a different hand.....

Sadness. Mi hija ha viajando para Norte Carolina hoy. :-( My spanish is rusty, but it should say " My daughter has flown to North Carolina today." More of the same Marine stuff. She had a really good leave I think, doing lots of relaxing things. Now she gets combat training! Sigh. My daughter wears combat boots.


Acornbud said...

I vote take the Aleve before resorting to violence (wink) Hope it feels better soon.

Aim said...

Thanks, Acornbud :o)
I might find the book-slamming hard to do (harder than injecting it myself the first time!)