Saturday, October 13, 2007

October Saturday

Look what I found:

A tutorialfor a simple beginning-loop for knit-in-the-round from center-out. That will come in handy for some hat patterns and even some lace patterns I've seen...Thanks to Fleegle's blog for that tip!

Look at the really cute Christmas stockings! Available here.

How colorful and pretty. I am thinking about adding one of those to my list for knitting :) But I bought a pattern last year for a mix-n-match kind of Christmas stocking, I should try that first, heh.

I have been a hat-freak forever. And I love to knit hats too! Last year, for last-minute gifting at Christmas, I made my son and DH hats. They were a hit, and it is satisfying to knit something useful like that. Now, this year, I want to take it a step further and knit some double-knit hats. What could be more cozy than a layer of warm wool to cover your ears? A double-layer of wool, that's what!! There is a pattern here that I want to try first!

Well, enough surfing for now. Must try to get some knitting done,and I am going to be selling some of my books on Ebay. They are mostly my medical texts that I no longer use, but I have so many of them I need to move them out. I have selected at least 35 books I am selling. Just need to photograph them and document their condition. I am figuring out the shipping costs. So I might be pre-occupied in the next couple of weeks.

But I will be back, like a bad rash :D

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hakucho said...

That's a great how-to...I've book marked it for later. Thanks for mentioning it! Cute stockings too.